Jonathan A. Merritt

  • Husband
  • Father
  • Pastor
  • Businessman
  • Author
  • Influencer

Jonathan is an anointed man with a multiplicity of ministry gifts, including those of leadership, administration, and teaching. All of which manifest themselves most prevalently through his pastoral calling.

He consistently confesses a keen awareness of the blessing of God in his life because of his parents love and upbringing. Modeling the life of Christ and creating an atmosphere where the Spirit of God was always present in the home.

At an early age, one could witness that Jonathan Andrew Merritt had the presence of God’s spirit moving in his life. Jonathan shares the same birth date as his father, Bishop Andrew Merritt, which prophesied that Jonathan, would be born on his birthday even before his birth.

As the son of Bishop Andrew and Pastor Viveca C. Merritt, the founders of Straight Gate International Church in Detroit, Jonathan has learned many valuable lessons from those whom he describes as, “the greatest role models a son could have”- his parents. They have shown him great humility, strength, and perseverance, and inspired in him a passion for Christ.

He is a 2005 graduate of the University of Michigan with a BA degree in General Studies and a concentration in Business. He is a co-owner of a thriving coffee shop, Narrow Way Cafe & Shop, located in the city of Detroit. He is also a board member of Give Merit, a non-profit organization.

Jonathan was married on October 24, 2010, to his lovely wife Tatianna, and they are the parents of four incredible children, Lillian Grace, Cristina Faith, Andrew II and their latest addition, Alexandria Hope.