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The Man That I Am – Intro Blog Post

Looks guys, I know that there are thousands of blogs out there claiming to motivate, educate, and inspire. So, I’m not going to take the standard approach of promising you that coming to my blog each week is going to change your life in 30 days or less. Nope, that’s not me.

I believe in honesty and motivation. I also believe in Jesus Christ. There is no way around it—I’m a millennial on a mission to motivate people to movement. I believe in faith, family, finances, and the future. Your future to be exact.

My heart is to help people not only realize that they have a purpose, but to also guide you to where your purpose began in the first place. Sometimes, this guidance is going take you to Biblegateway to look up scriptures with me. Other times, it may be a Forbes article or an Entrepreneur tweet. Heck, sometimes, it’s going to be yours truly droppin’ some understanding that I received in my time of prayer.

The point is that my blog is not for everyone. But I’m hoping that you are one of the someone’s that it is for. Everyone needs an individual that they can look to when life is pushing them against the wall and they just can’t see their way clear. Believe me, I know how that feels. Which means I am in the unique position to cheer you on when you want to give up.

Also, there will be occasional products and tools that I find that have helped me at various times that I may share with you. If some reason, you don’t want to receive special offers or product information, no problem. I will personally make sure that you are removed from any sales list should you request it.

Lastly, the main thing is that we connect in the good times and the bad. Let’s use this blog as a connector of like minds and sincere hearts. Determine that you are going to meet me here each week, with questions, comments, and charisma.

Wherever you are today, let me invite you to join me in leaving your imprint on the world by one step, large or small towards your purpose every single day.

Don’t forget to follow me on social media on INSTAGRAM, Facebook, and Twitter where we can always keep the conversation going in real-time.

Thanks again for dropping by and stay full of faith until I meet you here again, same time next week!

Jonathan A. Merritt