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Faithfulness Defined

By | Faith

“But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.” (2 Thessalonians 3:3 ESV)

No matter what evil the devil plots against you or your family, the Lord has committed Himself to your guard against him. Jesus is a loyal, fierce Protector over everything that concerns you. His dedication is unwavering on your behalf. Never allowing the evil one, satan to get the upper hand on Him. Meaning that as a Believer, he can never get the upper hand on you!

Move forward in confidence that Jesus has already achieved a permanent place for you in the kingdom of God and has defeated satan for all eternity, triumphing over him on your behalf.

A Diligent Hand

By | Faith

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with someone who at the time was sharing their frustration about how hard it was to watch their family member be unmotivated, or the word she used was lazy.

Since then, I have been thinking about the missing ingredient of diligence in the lives of people. Growing up in the ‘get rich quick’ era and seeing millionaires made overnight with what would seem to be little effort can be deceiving for many.

The truth is that if you study successful people, you find hard working people. Willing to put themselves into something with great intensity until it bears their desired outcome. They don’t take a ‘No Work, All Reward’ approach to things. And neither can you.

If you want to see success in your life, you must examine the areas where you don’t put in work to get things done. Is your relationship with your wife suffering? Then I ask you, how much work are you putting towards your relationship with her?

Take a moment to survey all the pertinent areas of your life to determine if you need to apply some good old-fashioned work to reap the result you want. You see wherever you cease to be diligent, you will cease to see reward. It’s up to you to make a difference in any area that you want to see greater happening. You might just find that a little diligence goes a long way to that end.


The Man That I Am – Intro Blog Post

By | Faith, Motivation

Looks guys, I know that there are thousands of blogs out there claiming to motivate, educate, and inspire. So, I’m not going to take the standard approach of promising you that coming to my blog each week is going to change your life in 30 days or less. Nope, that’s not me.

I believe in honesty and motivation. I also believe in Jesus Christ. There is no way around it—I’m a millennial on a mission to motivate people to movement. I believe in faith, family, finances, and the future. Your future to be exact.

My heart is to help people not only realize that they have a purpose, but to also guide you to where your purpose began in the first place. Sometimes, this guidance is going take you to Biblegateway to look up scriptures with me. Other times, it may be a Forbes article or an Entrepreneur tweet. Heck, sometimes, it’s going to be yours truly droppin’ some understanding that I received in my time of prayer.

The point is that my blog is not for everyone. But I’m hoping that you are one of the someone’s that it is for. Everyone needs an individual that they can look to when life is pushing them against the wall and they just can’t see their way clear. Believe me, I know how that feels. Which means I am in the unique position to cheer you on when you want to give up.

Also, there will be occasional products and tools that I find that have helped me at various times that I may share with you. If some reason, you don’t want to receive special offers or product information, no problem. I will personally make sure that you are removed from any sales list should you request it.

Lastly, the main thing is that we connect in the good times and the bad. Let’s use this blog as a connector of like minds and sincere hearts. Determine that you are going to meet me here each week, with questions, comments, and charisma.

Wherever you are today, let me invite you to join me in leaving your imprint on the world by one step, large or small towards your purpose every single day.

Don’t forget to follow me on social media on INSTAGRAM, Facebook, and Twitter where we can always keep the conversation going in real-time.

Thanks again for dropping by and stay full of faith until I meet you here again, same time next week!

Jonathan A. Merritt

Embracing the Faithfulness of God

By | Faith

Leadership is in my blood. I’m able to multitask with relative ease, which allows me the unique ability to have a higher output of production than many other people I know. Generally, I’ve never complained about possessing a trait that has helped make many multimillionaires over the last few decades. Ironically, while reading a business article, multitasking was even identified as one of the dominate traits of those in my peer group, Millennials.

One day as I was driving, I started considering how blessed I am with the life God has given me. It hit me that there are so many people viewing their ability to ‘get things done’ as something that they were able to conjure themselves. Even I have fell into the cyclone of relying on my own ability from time-to-time.

However, the last few years have sought to teach me that God’s faithfulness is independent from my abilities. As a matter of fact, I realize that it is when my capabilities fail that His faithfulness shines even brighter. The faithfulness of God is as real as the ocean and as tangible as the sun. Nothing about who we are is out of His reach to redeem, recover or rescue.

We only need to be willing to embrace the truth that His faithfulness doesn’t stop at our ability. Everything about you and I are by God’s design and He wants us to embrace His unfailing love and strength to pull us from any situation that we find ourselves in. Especially those where our masterful maneuvers of multitasking fall short to fill the emptiness of our soul.